The Tulip LR900 (30’) and LR1200 (40’) Landroller series is designed and developed for the Canadian market. Most of these rollers are manufactured with a 29” smooth rolled drum, but a 32” drum or sprocket rollers are optionally available as well. The 32” drum is heavier at its base weight, but also has a bigger footprint, resulting in the same weight per square inch contact surface as the 29” drum. All drums are ½” thick and it is possible to add up to 400ltr of water in each drum to increase its roll weight. The SKF bearings are one of the heaviest used in landrollers today with a shaft diameter of 60mm (2-3/8”)

The LR series landrollers have been designed with usage of smaller tractors in mind. The roller requires only 1 double acting tractor remote to unfold, and it pulls very lightly in the field and on the road. The low center of gravity and the HD hubs make it easy to move the machine behind a pickup truck if necessary. The low built chassis also makes it possible to store the roller inside lower barns.

The LR900 can be equipped with 2x 5’ wing extensions to turn it into a 12mtr (40’) machine if necessary.
Every smooth drum landroller is equipped with spring activated scrapers to keep dirt from building up.

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