The Tulip Roterra is available from eight to twelve foot (8’ to 20’) widths. The machine comes standard with Tulip’s patented Club Tine. These tines are round whereas most competitors’ are knife-like. On the knife-style tine, half the tines are typically dragging perpendicular to the drive direction, which adds stress and weight to the pass. The benefit of the round tine is that is significantly reduces draft (-20%) so that a smaller tractor may be used. Another benefit of the club tine is their teardrop profile at the end of the tine, which drives the soil upwards and results in a looser seedbed and better lump crumbling capabilities. The Tulip Club Tines are mounted with one (1) Allen bolt per tine, thus making them quick to replace when necessary.
Large rotor bearings and a large spacing between the top and bottom bearing provide longevity to the machine.

The center of gravity is close to the tractor, thus enabling a lighter tractor to lift the machine. Gears in its central gearbox can be changed quickly when another (tractor input) PTO speed is required. The Rigid base frame makes it possible to mount other equipment on or behind the Roterra, with an optional three-point hitch available for this addition. The machine can also be mounted in the front three-point hitch, while driven by the front PTO. The roterra requires 6-14HP/foot depending on soil conditions and travel speed. The Roterra is available as a 25/35/45 or the HD 55 series. In the 45 and 55 series, the machine is also available as a foldable unit.

Most machines come equipped with the Tulipmatic slipper clutch. Most slipper clutches work with clutch plates or shear bolts which require a lot of maintenance and time, or have unequal slipper torques. The Tulipmatic clutch works with a shear pin cartridge. At impact, one shear pin is cut with a cutter wheel, creating a shorter response time and resulting in less damage and impact on the machine’s gearboxes and driveline. After impact, with PTO at standstill, the Tulipmatic auto-resets into the next available shear pin. The cartridges have 5 shear pins in total and can be changed within seconds after 5 impacts.

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