Who We Are

Steqcan is a young company born out of the need to provide better quality products in the Canadian market at a fair price. Our team of farm equipment experts understands the important business of farming. Because we are not just businesspeople, we are farmers, engineers, fathers, and sons. Why does this matter? Because we understand how a single low-quality piece on your machine can affect you, your business, and your family.

Tulip and Peecon

That's why we've brought 'Tulip' (formerly 'Lely') and 'Peecon' into the Canadian market. These lines offer a wide range of farming equipment made from some of the best quality materials, at often lower costs than leading competitors. This means your machines will work better, last longer, and cost you less money.

Our Product Lines

Browse our website to view the latest products from Tulip and Peecon. For crop farmers we offer a wide range of soil tillage equipment that can be found under the 'Tulip' line. We also offer a trailer / tanker and TMR mixer line that can be found under the 'Peecon' line. Both brands belong to the Peetersgroup and are manufactured in The Netherlands according to a high quality of standards.

Custom Equipment

Out of our own experience we now also offer high quality loader buckets that are built to last, and tractor front weights for every brand and model. We begin with the basic machines and machine parts, and customize off these according to your individual farming needs - meaning you only pay for what you need.


Presently, we only accept trade-ins of Tulip and Peecon products. With these, we can offer refurbishments and customizations of previously-owned farming equipment for customers who don't mind a few nicks on their gear. This way, we can keep our quality standards high and our prices low.

Interested in a trade-in? Contact us for a free estimate of your farm equipment.

Help With Resale

We understand that oftentimes a sale must be made before a purchase. That's why we offer our customers free classified postings on our website, regardless of their equipment brand and model. Because we work with farmers throughout Ontario, we can also help match you with a sale, and get you a fair price for your equipment. Contact us to find out more about resale options.