Canadian Made!

  • excavator buckets
  • Loader buckets
  • Custom mades
  • Great Quality
  • Fair Pricing

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Compact & Versatile

  • Wheel loaders
  • Tele-Loaders
  • Tele-handlers
  • Mini-Skids
  • Local Dealer support

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Tillage & Spreading

  • Discers
  • Roterra's
  • Fertilizer Spreaders
  • Subsoilers
  • Planting / Seeding

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Feeding & Hauling

  • TMR Mixers
  • Tipping Trailers
  • Manure Tanks
  • Dumpers
  • Other Attachments

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Lifting made easy

  • Wheel Trolleys
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • HEAVY Duty Jacks
  • Inground Lifts
  • And More !

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Equipment Inventory

All of our current and incoming stock equipment (new & used) can be found in our online platform. For your convenience, we have listed each machine including its price, standard specs and additional options, photos and dealer location. If there is a machine that you would like to know more about, you can always send us an email through our contact page, or contact the Steqcan dealer that’s closest to you! It may even be possible to get an on-site demo from your closest Steqcan dealer

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Online shop

One of the perks of becoming a Steqcan Dealer is access to our all-new, online shop. This convenient online parts store offers a wide range of brands and parts at discounted prices for our dealers. Designed to make your purchasing simple and easy, this tool provides technical information, photos, and competitive pricing for our large line of tools, filters, hydraulic components, fittings, hoses and other brand-specific parts.
This one-stop purchasing tool will help reduce your shop time and keep your customers happy.

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Stay Connected

Want to stay updated on new product releases, delivered machines and unique applications of our equipment? Like our Facebook page and we'll post equipment videos and photos that will show our dealers and customers the exciting functionality of our distributed brands. We will also list the events and shows that will feature our products for those looking to check the out in person. Go to Facebook and like and follow our page to stay updated!

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What our Customers say about us

"I purchased a Peecon Cargo tipping trailer from Steqcan a few years back, and it's served me well each year since. I can now haul my own crops (over 65,000 lbs at a time) to the elevator instead of calling in a truck. The brakes, suspension and electrical steering make this trailer easy to handle behind my 140HP tractor, even when fully loaded. I feel much safer on the road now at 50kmh (30mph) speeds and I'm even handling more product at a time now than I did previously with my gravity boxes. Steqcan also fabricated our HD ball-coupler hookup on the tractor, which was a great bonus."

"As a Dealer for the Steqcan lines, I've gotten to see firsthand the quality of these machines compared to competing brands. Most of our customers are farmers, and in this industry, they need reliable, well-built machines to get the job done. We chose to sell these lines because we know the craftsmanship and quality parts that go into them. And our customers can see this with every demo and trade show that we do. Steqcan gives us quick response and part delivery, at great pricing, which makes our job that much easier and our customer. "

R. Darling
Customer, Winchester ON.
B. Vande Goor
Dealer, Norwich ON.

About Steqcan Inc.

Steqcan is an innovative company established in 2013 out of the need to provide better quality products in the Canadian market at a fair price.

Our story is organic. We began our journey as customers, using these Dutch-made equipment (as well as our own custom builds) on our farms and fields. We valued these products so much that we began to work with the factory to sell directly to other customers. From here, we grew to a distribution role, establishing dealerships and supplying the product lines all across Canada.

We focus on supplying our dealer network with the best possible technical backup, parts and supply, so they can help you with fast, reliable service. We have two distribution centres - one in Ontario and one in Saskatchewan - in order to keep your down time to a minimum.

With competitive pricing and using the highest quality OEM and universal parts where possible, Steqcan offers a wide range of professional equipment to help you get the job done.

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