About us

Steqcan is an innovative company established in 2013 out of the need to provide better quality products in the Canadian market at a fair price.

Our story is organic. We began our journey as customers, using these Dutch-made equipment (as well as our own custom builds) on our farms and fields. We valued these products so much that we began to work with the factory to sell directly to other customers. From here, we grew to a distribution role, establishing dealerships and supplying the product lines all across Canada.

With our roots in Agriculture and heavy equipment, our team of equipment experts understands the importance of staying in business by keeping up productivity and keeping down costs. We have over 50 years of combined experience to guide you in your landscaping, agriculture, mining, or construction needs. The bottom line: We want to provide you with the right type of equipment that fits the job. So we may suggest a lower priced machine. Or we may offer to remove features that you won't need. Because we were customers first, and we want to put our customers first. This means helping you to increase productivity in the field while keeping the purchase price and the total cost of ownership low.

Today Steqcan is a distributor of several brands of equipment, tools and components for the Canadian market. These include Giant wheel loaders, Tulip tillage equipment, Peecon trailers and TMR mixers, Multihog municipal tractors, ASC ladders, and Steqcan buckets.
We focus on supplying our dealer network with the best possible technical backup, parts and supply, so they can help you with fast, reliable service. We have two distribution centres - one in Ontario and one in Saskatchewan - in order to keep your down time to a minimum. With competitive pricing and using the highest quality OEM and universal parts where possible, Steqcan offers a wide range of professional equipment to help you get the job done.

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