The Polymat is Tulip’s answer to air seeders. Over the years, the Polymat has been made into many different shapes and forms to accommodate different machines such as front-mount tanks, seeding and fertilizing equipment, discers or trikes.

The base of the Polymat is a metering system that works with extendable slotted metering rollers that can run at various RPM’s. With this metering system, the dosage range of the Polymat is standard between 1-450kg/ha or 0.9lbs-400lbs/ac. Most metering rollers are mechanically driven, but for some applications they can be electrically driven. The turbine fans that deliver the seed or fertilizer to the spouts are PTO- or hydraulically-driven.

Most Polymat airseeders are mounted on Roterra or Multidisc discers. For the Roterra, it is common that the standard or TDS coulter is fitted. For the Multidisc discers, usually the HSD coulter (high speed disc) is mounted. The HSD coulter can handle higher speeds and more down pressure.

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